Lisboa, Portugal

Ok! So back in 2014 i made a mini family trip to the city of Lisboa. Lisboa is the capital of Portugal; this country has great things to offer: food, history, sports and entertainment. 

Now first things first, food! If you like the taste sour cream and vanilla then you should try their famous “cupcakes” known as pasteles de nata or pastel de Belém. I’ve tried them at a place called Pasteis de Belém, an antique bakery that’s so big it looks like a tunnel made of white and blue tiles (very greek-ish). So for me trying those, specifically in that traditional bakery was a MUST.

Moving on to culture and history, i’ll let pictures speak for themselves.


Santuário de Fátima
Pozo Iniciático at Palácio da Regaleiras
Palácio da Regaleira


Palácio Nacional e Convento de Mafra

  It’s FILLED with cultural and historical places, one of my favorites was the Palácio da Regaleiras. If you go to that place you’ll find yourself exploring the palace, getting inside towers and and passing through caves and mini waterfalls. Once you get inside the palace itself you get to explore the many rooms and almost secret passages it has! Priceless.

Oh and the Santuário de Fátima, it’s a beautiful and peaceful place to go to pray, make promises to the virgin of Fátima and to see the oldest tree that’s located in the beautiful garden.

Let’s talk sports! Football, football and more football. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo represent! Haha, there was a day in which Real Madrid had a match and that was the day that I learned how much people love it. I mean, there where guys dressed as banannas and some wearing hats that were shouting their team’s name through fancy megaphones! I had a really great time and saw people from different countries just having fun together 🙂

If you want to travel back in time yet have contemporary fun, Lisboa is your spot. Historical places everywhere, great food, birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo (born in Madeira, Portugal), pretty beaches, football stadiums and diversity in every aspect.

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Viva Mexico!

    Ok so first of all… Cheers to my first post! Today ( as the wandering bronde I am) is all about one of the best trips ever! It was nothing less than one of the most entertaining cities of Mexico, Cancún. This city is super vibrant and fun, specially if you’re a lucky single guy or girl; it’s a city filled with energy, young party people and amazing views, so just relax and soak in the sun.

Hard Rock Hotel entrance

Last year I got the chance to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel – Cancún. All I can say is that it freakin’ earned every and each of their five stars, by staying here you’ll get an amazing beach view (obviously), a great variety of international plates from mexican to italian foods! Went there when I was seventeen and let me tell you, if you thought Vegas was the city that never sleeps…JUST WAIT till you visit the clubs in this city; my top recommended are: • Palazzo • Mandala • Coco Bongo


The ocean view from my room

You’ll never regret going to Cancun, beautiful people, beautiful views just like the ones on tumblr, great food, exploring Chichen-Itza and the party and beachy vibes.

This is just my first post and I’m only 19 recommending places to youngsters as I travel during my life so you’re more than welcome to my blog to read about travelling, fashion and everyday life things as I’m actually growing up with you, so join my in my journey and let’s make it ours!

Xoxo, the bronde avenue.