Easy makeup hacks for lazy girls!

Have you noticed that makeup trends are changing basically every month? It’s actually hard to keep up, specially if i’m no makeup guru (I wish I was). As for now, I’ll try my best to give you some tips that I use on a daily basis and it really made a difference!

Eyeliner/perfect wing struggle.

  • Let’s be real, you can’t slay without the perfect wing. I always use this little trick; just take a little piece of tape (a soft one so it doesn’t hurt when you take it off) and “tape” it on the corner of your eye where you want your wing to end. I always recommend using liquid liner for a perfect end. Once you finish just take the tape off and there you have it!

Perfect lips.

  • Always use lip liner!! If you don’t have one (I always lose mine) you can totally use a brush, but like an actual little painting brush, specially with matte lipsticks. It leaves you with poutty and defined lips. What I’m trying to say is, always line your lips for more definition. Extra tip: dab a little bit of bronzer on your cupid’s bow (top of your lips) to make them pop even more.

The lazy glow.

  • If you look like a zombie when you wake up (like me) you’ll find this one very useful. Get a brush and slightly blush your cheekbones with highlighter AND bronzer (always use bronzer). There. It is done. You will suddenly look alive and sun kissed.

Contour & final tip.

  • Well the image is pretty self explanatory, just try until you get your contouring on point. I have tried and failed many times but eventually I got it right! As for my final tip, save your money and invest in high quality make up. You don’t want to buy drugstore makeup and end up spending more every month on this because it just won’t last and it’s not worth it. As a lazy girl myself, I managed to save more money in the long run istead of having to go to the salon to get my face ready for an event. Quality make up can last years and there are millions of tutorials that teach how to use it. Invest in quality, not in quantity.

Hope you liked this little article. Xoxo, the bronde. Suscribe 🙂


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