Everyday Makeup for Girly Girls 💋

Hellooooo readers!! This month I’ve saved up a little bit of cash to buy some ‘high end’ makeup. When I say high end I just mean good (a little bit more pricey) makeup.

I usually buy drugstore makeup but I wanted to step it up a bit and it really made a HUGE difference. 


  1. Foundation 👃🏼

Firstly, I apply this super useful BB cream. I like to use it instead of foundation because it actually helps my skin and it feels less heavy. Seriously this is a game changer.

Garnier BB Cream (5€) at the supermarket


 2.   The Glow ✨

Then, my mom got this Benefit “How to Look the Best at Everything” kit. Whenever I use this people tell me that I look glowy and think that don’t have any makeup on. So it will be our little secret. 😉

Benefit skin kit (36€)

So the two things that I normally use from this kit are: the PoreFessional cream (for the pores of course) I put a little bit of it on my nose and my chin and the Boiing mini set for the eye bags (sometimes). And I’m ready to go.

What’s Up Highlighter (24€) from benefit

This is my secret weapon, one of the best things that I’ve ever bought. The benefit What’s Up Highlighter. Giiiiirlll, if you want rosey shiny cheeks withouth looking cakey…just.buy.it.

  3.   Brows girl brows 👑

Now this one comes with a tiny brown brown pencil and the brow spoolie. When I really want to achieve a more natural look I just brush my brows with the spoolie but the brow pencil also works well because the 3rd tone is super light. 👇🏼

Benefit Brow Pencil in tone 3 (14 €)

4.  Lashes for days 👀

Last but not least (and my favourite part) lashes. YAAAASSS. Once your skin is flawless and you got that little natural glow, what’s more girly than long lashes?? 

Too Faced better than sex mascara (24€)

I use either the Too Faced: Better than Sex mascara or the Maybelline Falsies Push-up Drama mascara.

Maybelline falsies push-up drama mascara (11€)

👄 and sometimes I put lip balm for smooth lips 👄

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I don’t know if you would like youtube reviews and vlogs so let me know please :).

Hope you liked it. Xoxo, the bronde 💋


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