Summer Essentials! 🌞

Hello again pretty people! 🌻
So… today I went to PRIMARK (finally) and got some VERY INEXPENSIVE goodies from there. Like, for real!

So without further to do, here are some useful things that I got.

  1. The Real MVP πŸ‘±πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Batiste Dry Shampoo 2.75€ | Primark
I cannot stress this enough, it’s half the price of the ones from Sephora (the small ones)! It comes full and it smells a-ma-zing. I usually wash my hair every day and this is my life saver, it saves me time and my highlights also.

2. The Festival Must-have

Stripped backpack 5€ / Red bandana 2€ | Primark
Ok so I needed a cute backpack ’cause I’m heading to NOS Alive this year (the hype is real) and I’m so happy I got this cheap bag!! It was only 5€! It has pockets, it’s has a lot of space and it is sooo cute!!  Cute + practical = it’s a win win! Aaand I also wanted that red bandana hehe.

3. Here comes the Sun-nies πŸ•Ά

H&M yellow sunnies 6.99€
I actually got these from H&M, I couldn’t find them anywhere and when I saw them at the store… well… it was love at first sight. They’re not as cheap as the ones from Primark but they are better in quality.Still, I’m disappointed with H&M because their fabric got worse and pricey. That’s why I only bought this! (Great sunnies though).

4. Aloha Beaches 🌼🌺

Aloha Beaches yellow bag 2€ | Primark
It’s all about the colour of happiness, this is actually a bikini bag but I’ll totally use it to keep my phone and sunnies away from the sand. Look at it, so inexpensive, so pretty, so yellow. It is also pretty big. Perfect!

5. Hot Sandals πŸ‘£

White sandals 6€ | Primark
I always try on shoes before buying them to test the quality, these took me by surprise because I thought the quality would not be great, but they are actually pretty solid and comfortable!

6. Fresh face all day 😊

Cucumber peel-off face masks 1€ each | Primark
It is always important to put your skin first, specially mantaining it fresh and hydrated! It is a cheap emergency solution. I tried one of them today, girl, it made my pores happy.

  • So: 19.75€ in TOTAL. For all of the things I got at Primark!
  • H&M: 6.99€ for the cool sunnies.


Shop SMART this summer. I went to primark with a list of what I actually needed on my phone. And guess what, I found all of the things at a great price.

Girls picture what you want, put it in a list, and look in many stores ’till you find the BEST deal!

  • Another great tip is to follow me on my personal insta: gabivelazquezc 😊 and tell me in which festivals you’ll go this summer! Hope to see one of you at NOS πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ€—

Hope you liked it, Xoxo, The Bronde πŸ’‹



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